What is Dadzooka?

Dadzooka serves to explore, celebrate and poke fun at all things dad.


Welcome to our site and thanks for checking us out. The idea of Dadzooka had its genesis with our company President, Adam Kirkpatrick. As a dad himself, and also having a dad, and having many friends who were dads, Adam decided it would be a good idea to bring all that dadness together in one place. So he called up a few of those dad friends to see if this whole idea of a dad network would work out. So with varying degrees of experience, wholly different professions, but a similar sense of humor and optimism, these four dads began to sculpt the ultimate weapon of dadhood worldwide, DADZOOKA.

Dadzooka-GIJOE So they plotted and they schemed and the jotted and they meme’d until they felt the time was right. Then upon Thanksgiving Day, they release this baby out into the world and everything was right. So now you have the chance to join these four dads of the early days. There is no fee for entry or any special skills needed. We ask that you only enter with one thing. Pride. Pride of your dadness, or your future dadness, or even pride for the dad that you have or dads that you respect. Join us in celebrating fatherhood and having some laughs along the way. Arm yourselves. The war for the future is upon us. This is Recoilless Parenting for the Modern Age. This is DADZOOKA. #Featured


  • Just found and shared your blog. While I agree spanking is OK perhaps you could post about how to spank properly. I can put something together but I’m not sure I have your flair for comedy.

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