Enjoy it while you can

I can very clearly remember being 10 years old and having the realization that it was the best time of my life. I was at the park with my summer friend T.J., taking a water break atop a hill overlooking the town, just sitting on our bikes in the sun.

“Someday soon we are going to be teenagers, T.J.” I told him. “We’ll have to get jobs and girlfriends. Days like this, where we have the freedom to just play all day long wont exist. We will have responsibilities and life will suck. So we’d better enjoy it while we can.”

I’ve never been more right in my life.  Not about the life sucking part, but for sure about the need for my 10 year old self to really appreciate how great my life was in that moment. I think that’s the trick, always.

Right now my kids are all still young, and it’s the best time of my life. Someday soon they will grow up and get jobs and girlfriends. Days like this where they admire me blindly and look solely to myself and their mother for guidance and safety wont exist. They will have their own priorities and life will suck. So we’d better enjoy it while we can.

Literally all I have to do is fix something in my house and my kids think I’m the smartest person in the universe. If I growl like a bear and grab any one of my kids by the ribs I can cripple them with ticklishness. If I take them to get donuts on Saturday morning, I’m Mother Teresa in their eyes. 

It’s too easy to miss that. I could very easily think the reverse because it is also true. Having little kids is a pain in the ass. You are responsible for feeding them, sheltering them and transporting them everywhere they need to go. They lack social skills and personal hygiene without constant reminders. It’s a ton of work. And that’s exactly where the joy lies.

It’s called perspective. It’s where the difference between true happiness and depression lies. Smell the roses friends and take a moment to consider why right now is the best time in your life. You’d better enjoy it while you can.