Ninja Space Pirates

There was much deliberation at the Kirkpatrick house this evening, one of the great debates of history really. Who’s cooler, ninjas or pirates? My middle son and myself are on team pirate. My eldest son is on team Ninja and for some reason the three year old decided that he was too. The debate was getting pretty heated when I suggested to my middle son that we build a sweet pirate fort. Of course my eldest said that he would also build a fort. The line had been drawn in the sand and it looked as though we were preparing for war when the three year old chimed in.

“Let’s build a space ship!” he said.

It was as if the clouds had parted and the light shown down from above. The answer was so obvious. We would be ninja space pirates.

The compromise meant that we would be operating as a team once more, the fracture was repaired. More importantly however, our pursuit of a legendary summer just gained it’s first tangible goal. We need to build Fort Ninja Space Pirate!

No plans have been drawn but as I bid goodnight to the boys this evening I could sense that the creative spark was vibrant. All that remains is actually executing the project. We have a perfect space in the back yard where I learned that I have no desire to garden. We’ll be on a budget so I’m going to put together some plans using pallets. at this point in the design phase I am only certain that we need a sweet, custom flag. I will leave the rest up to boys and then handle the heavy lifting from there.

Ninja space pirates…

I will report back with design ideas but for now I must go and sketch ideas. Until then, happy summer.