Thunder Back

For me, music has always been something of a spiritual experience. The listening to and the writing of, the connections made and the emotions shared. It speaks the language of eternity, unencumbered with the notion of death and unafraid of life. It is lizard brain and meta consciousness. From Bach to Bowie, from Willie to Whiz Khalifa, music is transcendent.

Today I finally made it over to Thermopolis Wyoming to play some guitar with my great friend Rob. I’ve been procrastinating it as I had been procrastinating many things but this is to be the summer of legends; so the family and I made a day of it.

Rob and I played guitars while his daughter and my boys ran around his house like wild savages. One of the greatest trips in life is to watch your own children play with the children of your childhood friends. Of course, then you remember the shenanigans you got into when you were children and the whimsy of memory is hurriedly snapped back to the reality of adulthood. This is the circle of life.

When we were done playing, Rob showed us his studio space which he is currently prepping to put new floors in, but the drum kit and his electric organ were still in place. My boys have never touched a drum kit before so when Rob gave them the ok they were on it like Elvis on a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

There is power to musical instruments, the unique eruption of noise is like magic. Rob’s daughter jumped on the electric organ and my boys took turns playing the drums.

This is the moment.

They were all hyper focused in the art of making noise. Eventually that noise becomes music but from the very beginning it is born of our primal desire to thunder back at the clouds above. Well thunder they did. And while the noise they created was totally devoid of rhythm or melody, it was beautiful nonetheless.

This moment to me signified a link in the chain. After all the crazy stunts I’ve been through with Rob we remain great friends today and music is the bond. We are just two dad’s trying to be the best we can and more times than not, music is the vessel through which we strive. We too thunder back.

I plan on setting aside a little time every day to bond in some way with my kids over music, whether it is listening or playing, there are some things that words alone simply cannot communicate. Also, I just want them to feel that same magic that I do.

Before I sign off I would like to take a moment to plug my buddy Rob’s music. There are those who play beautiful music and then there are those who weave beauty into the world through music, Rob is the latter. Please take a moment to check him out. You can find his information on Facebook at Rob Weimann Music.