Thank Thanos

His lust for power was overwhelming, an all consuming single mindedness that was steadily driving him to the brink of madness. He was a fire that would not die until he had burned everything in his path. The toddler’s reign of terror would not end until he had regained the infinity stones.

Recently, my three boys earned the toy level on their star charts, so their mother let them order toys on Amazon. The oldest boy got a Lego set and the younger two each picked toy, infinity gauntlets. The gauntlets are awesome. They are big but they fit on their hands and they look just like the gauntlet from the Avenger’s movie. I was super jealous to not have one myself.

They are however, not indestructible. 30 minutes into possessing his very own infinity gauntlet and my youngest son had already pried all but one infinity stone from it. We caught him before he could finish the job but the damage was done. Only the dwarves of Nidavellir could repair it now. Well that or some superglue but we’d have to make a special trip to the store for it so… It would remain in the closet of his mother until the fates bestowed upon us the super glue.

Naturally this move enraged my youngest son. To make matters worse, his older brother has refused to take off his infinity gauntlet since he put it on. Thus began the battle for the universe at the Kirkpatrick house. We’re in the endgame now…

The battle rages on like this. The younger brother steals the infinity gauntlet and runs away. The older brother chases him down and retrieves it. The younger brother runs to me screaming. This scenario repeats itself four or five thousand times. Now fast forward a day and a half to tonight. The boys are playing outside and for some reason the older brother left his infinity gauntlet unattended. So his baby brother grabbed it and ran away and when he saw that his older brother was gaining on him he threw the relic into the neighbor’s yard. In retaliation the older brother pushed the younger brother down before climbing the fence to retrieve it. The baby brother runs inside and is insistent that I come with him outside to make his older brother apologize to him.

But I am wise to the way of the world and I know that there is no solitary victim in this scenario, so I ask my son what happened. He was honest the way only a three year old can be and he told me the whole story.

So I say to him, “Let’s go outside and you can apologize to your brother first and then he will apologize to you.”

He did not like this plan.

“No!” he screamed. “I want him to apologize to me first!”

So I knelt down and we discussed how he took his bother’s toy first and how that was wrong but that it was also wrong for his brother to push him down. Eventually, he wiped away his tears and decided that he could go outside and apologize to his brother first. Of course as soon as we stepped outside, his brother who is also wise to the ways of the world, apologized first. My youngest apologized next and I made the two brothers hug it out. It was a beautiful moment that in no way signifies and end to their fighting.  Brother’s quarrel, I understand this but perhaps these small victories will pay dividends later in their lives.

If only Thanos could have learned this lesson at an earlier age…

As for me, I’m chalking this moment up to one wrong, thoroughly avenged.