Are we there yet?

No roadtrip is complete without a top volume sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody. We had ours today as we drove past Hells Half Acre on our way to Casper Wyoming.

“I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me!” My wife belted out in an off key falsetto.

The three year old kept screaming that we were too loud from the back seat but we just turned the radio up and sang louder. Oh yeah baby, rock and roll will never die.

Road trips with kids are like that third helping of ice cream. It’s the best, worst idea that you’ll ever have. That being said, sometimes you just need to get away.

Our first stop on “operation get away” was the Jump Craze, trampoline park. We first discovered it last year when we were in Casper for the fair. Five minutes into that first time, while I was playing with the boys, I noticed that my wife had bounced away on her own. Then I saw the smile on her face as she jumped and spun around around in circles. The Jump Craze had transformed my wife into a gleeful eight year old girl again. Now it’s a must do everytime we are in Casper. Also, it’s the perfect release after a two and a half hour car ride.

The trampoline park is a useful tool for building an appetite, so we went over to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Chain restaurants are the beating heart of the American tourist. There’s nothing better than having a brand you can trust to consistently deliver on quality and service when you are away from home. Few chains do as good a job as Texas Roadhouse does. Also, my wife was able to get an enormous margarita.

Dad pro tip: any vacation where mom gets a big margarita is a successful one.

After dinner, only one thing remained; the crown jewel of any vacation… the hotel pool.

We always try to find a hotel with a pool when we travel yet the very concept remains the stuff of legends to my boys. They physically shake with excitement at the prospect of swimming in a hotel pool.

(Quick aside…) I am writing this blog on my phone from the second floor balcony of the C’mon Inn. Literally as I was writing about how much my kids love hotel pools, my two oldest boys, who I thought were asleep, came out to the balcony to ask if they could go back to the pool… Its midnight and the pool closed an hour ago so I told them no. But yeah, they love hotel pools.

So anyways…

We planned on finishing out the evening back in the room watching movies when my wife suggested that we go out for ice cream. As it turns out, there is an International House of Pancakes just down the road and they now make milkshakes. That experience had a sort of “From Dusk till Dawn” vibe to it because the place was mostly empty and the hostess resembled the undead but the milkshakes were great and my kids got to see what a diner looks like after sundown.

Tomorrow the adventures will entail an epic journey of shopping in the mall where the suspense is hinged upon whether or not the boys and I die of boredom while their mother gets lost in Bed Bath and Beyond.

For now at least, I can chalk up this mission to get away as a successful one.