What happens at grandma’s house stays at grandma’s house

I am insanely fortunate to have the parents that I do. Anything I get right in my life, I owe in some way to them. They gave me love and freedom and support. They give me these same things today and more because now they play a hand in helping me raise my own children. I’m luckier than most and that fact is not lost on me, so thanks Mom and Dad. You guys kick ass. Now I’d like to take a moment to discuss the weirdly wonderful that is the grandparent/grandchild relationship.

My parents arguing over how to pronounce the word, “perseverate”

During the week, while my wife and I are at work and the two oldest are at school, the three year old goes to grandma’s house. It is worth noting that he insists that it is grandma’s house and not grandpa’s house. She is his best friend, so she gets the house.

When we arrive he darts straight to the pantry where he begins his day with a healthy breakfast of ice cream, cookies or brownies. I don’t remember my mom being quite this cool when I was three.

After breakfast it’s time for his political science education where he will watch Fox news with grandpa. Grandpa wants Ryder to be a republican. Ryder wants m&m’s. This relationship works.

After learning that the democrats are wrong it’s time to go to the store with grandma. Ryder always gets a toy when he goes to the store with grandma. This makes going to the store with dad somewhat underwhelming.

They finish out the day possibly doing yard work, running through the sprinkler or just watching cartoons. It’s a good life.

Here’s the thing… This to me, is one of the most beautiful things in my life. I joke a bit about the brownies for breakfast and democrat conversion therapy but the reality is that my kids hit the jackpot with their grandparents.

Family is the foundation upon which a fulfilling existence may be built. Grandparents lay that foundation with their love, and their guidance.

We arent links in the chain so much as hands across the seas of time. So here’s to all the grandparents out there. May you continue to shower your grandkids with an abundance of love and an irresponsible amount of sugar.