Defeat your doubt

There is much wisdom to be gained from hanging with your kids. They haven’t been forced to conform yet so their minds are free and their spirits are unbroken.

Now, this is shakey philosophical territory because on the one hand I firmly believe in the value of being a functional, useful member of society and often times this entails having to become the square peg that will fit into the square hole… or am I totally wrong about that?

Let me backtrack for a moment. I believe there are two necessary components to success; seeing the opportunity and then working hard to capitalize on it. The problem with becoming an adult is that we sometimes lose the ability to be open to opportunity because we become so hyper focused on the work that we are doing. A child doesn’t yet have the discipline to work dilligently towards a singular goal but their vision is keen. They absorb the world like a sponge. They see the things that we miss.

My middle son noticed this tiny spider battling a bee on the fence today.

It’s not magic to believe that one can manifest their own reality through the power of belief so long as one is able to put the necessary work behind executing their vision.

But the vision must come first.

And it’s not just that my kids notice the awesome bug battles that I miss; it’s that they believe in the power of themselves.

What did you want to be when you grew up, before you grew up?

Belief is a powerful force, it sets the boundaries of your growth. As a dad I intend to stoke the fire of my children’s belief so that they may one day find a path that they are passionate about. Also as a dad, I intend to learn from my children and remember to absorb the world like a sponge.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

Mark Twain

That square hole that we all sometimes think is the only path… Maybe we just aren’t seeing clearly enough.

Battle your doubt daily. Believe in the awesome power of yourself and be willing to work for what you want to achieve. Keep your eyes open and if nothing else, you might just see some sweet bug battles.