Because someday you’ll be dead and no one will remember your name.

I am thinking about death, but only because I am thinking about life. What concerns me most is not that final voyage into the unknown which is somewhere on each of our to do lists but rather it is the thousand deaths we die before our moment is truly upon us.

I’m talking about the fear in our minds and the hate in our hearts and the cowardice in our bones. I’m talking about the moments of greatness which we fail to rise to or worse yet the moments of loveliness which we fail to appreciate.

I’m talking about about a little boy who’s been trying to tell me a story about his legos for three days now.

“Not right now” are the three dirtiest words which I use on a daily basis. Sometimes I have a valid excuse but more often than not, when I blow off my kid’s need to show or tell me something it’s because I’m tired and seeking out distraction over engagement. Tonight I finally listened to his story about the legos and it was an epic tale of good triumphing over evil. He introduced the hero and the villain, he set a dramatic stage and then weaved together an exciting plot which was resolved with the hero proving victorious. It was awesome. He’s three.

It was a wonderful moment to connect with him, just to see the satisfaction on his face that I took the time to listen to him. I’m ashamed that it took me three days to give him that time. I’m grateful that he still gave me the opportunity.

The importance of “now” is a lesson that I am still learning. Someday, we’ll all be dead and no one will remember our names but at least we have the “now.” In fact it’s all we ever have.

I’m thinking about death because I’m thinking about life, and I want to be better at it.