What is your summer bucket list?

August is to summer what Sunday is to the weekend. You’re body is technically off work but your mind is already gearing up to hate life and endure the week ahead. If summer was rock and roll; June would be The Rolling Stones, July would be Guns and Roses and August would be Nickleback. If August was an Avenger, it would be Hawkeye. If it was a T.V. show it would be the finale of Lost and if it was an NFL quarterback it would be Johnny Manzel. August tries to keep its chin up and smile through the day but it ends up sitting alone in the dark and listening to “Endless Love” on repeat while crying softly into a mango white claw. August is the funeral dirge of summer.

But all hope is not lost. The mortality of summer is what gives it life and so to that end, I say I will not go gently into that good night. I’ve not yet fished my last fish or gazed my last star. I’ve not yet begun to grill.

August may be salvaged but not without a plan. It’s time to sit down with the family, have a sober discussion about the impending death of summer and then write our summer bucket list.

For me, there is just one thing that I wish to put on the top of it. Last summer, I didn’t take my kids camping at all. This summer has been the same story and it’s easily the metric by which I am failing most as a dad. I could make excuses and I have but the fact remains that summer is here and gone before we realize it. We must rage against the dying of the light.

August is whispering on the wind; sad tales of darker days and colder nights and homework. But summer isn’t dead yet. I say we look August square in its ugly, summer killing face and say, not today. Not today.