Dad science, zen challenge and blog update

Firstly, it is with great joy that I announce a small update to this blog; a dash of structure. While I believe that I could ramble on endlessly about my experiences with fatherhood, I fear that without at least a framework of direction that this blog will be nothing more than my ramblings. I would like to at least attempt to provide you with more value than just that. And so, moving forward I will be allocating Tuesdays to a weekly top 10 list, dad-centric of course. And then Friday is when I will now do a segment that I am calling Dad Science Friday where I set forth an experimental challenge for myself to test this journey of dadhood. This Dad Science Friday challenge is also something that I will be documenting and turning into a weekly YouTube video which I will link in the weekly blog update. I will continue to ramble on the rest of the week but this structure will, I hope, inform both this blog and my job as a dad.

And now, for the very first Dad Science Friday Challenge…

I yell at my kids, like a lot. I do not regret this fact, I have three mischievous little boys and yelling is my super power.

Yet still I must yell at them every day.

I yell at them to get ready in the morning, to pick up after themselves, to not fight, to stay at the table and eat their dinner and to go to bed; just to list the basics.

Obviously yelling at them is not the best solution since I must still do it every day. So, this week I am not going to yell at my kids.

I actually had this conversation with my boys this evening and, go figure, they were all for it.

My middle son said, “So I can steal candy from the cupboard and you can’t yell at me?”

He games the system every chance he gets and I know the other boys will be savvy to this as well. So my goal will be to somehow keep my kids in line without ever raising my voice. I am calling this the Zen challenge.

The rules for this week are…

  1. I may not raise my voice to my kids.
  2. If I do, each kid gets a cookie and I must do 20 push ups.

They know the rules and will no doubt be trying to game those cookies. But this week, I am going to be the Zen dad master. I will meditate and take yoga lessons from my wife if I must but I intend to meet this challenge head on.

I will again be documenting this process all week and releasing a blog/youtube video about what happens next Friday, before setting up the next challenge.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all of you who read this blog. I am off now to brainstorm how I will tackle the Zen challenge.