Dad versus kids, operation pump em up

This is the final weekend of summer and so we find ourselves once more upon the edge of the changing of the seasons. Change is good, for life is little more than our ability to adapt to our ever evolving situation but it can also be cumbersome. With change comes new challenges and obstacles and hardships. Change is a battle but it is also an opportunity. My job as dad is to prepare my kids to do battle and take advantage of the opportunities in their life. So it is with this in mind that I am setting the next weekly challenge which I am calling simply, “operation pump em up.”

We are not on the proper sleep schedule, we don’t miss the routine and my kids didn’t spend the summer staying sharp on their academic pursuits. Basically, we aren’t ready for the new school year.

Where did summer go?

None of this matters now. Life cares not for our gripes and school starts on Tuesday; so my job is to pump my kids up about getting the right start to this year.

Rules for this challenge: none.

Objective: get my kids stoked.

Inspiring others is the hallmark of great leadership and great leadership is the essence of great fatherhood. My goal this week is to do whatever it takes to motivate my kids to crush hard and crush early. I don’t know what this will entail but I intend to keep the positivity at max volume.

I will report this week’s journey in the next episode of “dad versus kids” on YouTube by Thursday. For those of you who missed the last one, I went an entire week without yelling at my kids. For the whole story, here’s the link.

As always, much love to all of you out there and good luck with your own parenting conquests!