Operation “pump em up” recap and new challenge

I won’t admit defeat but I can’t claim success, at least not in the way that I envisioned.

My goal, simply put was to pump my kids up for the new school year. As I settled into the challenge however, it occurred to me that what I truly need to do is inspire my kids to connect the dots between everything they do now and the future that they desire. Of course then I realized that I need to first inspire them to desire a future past their next favorite Lego set. Of course then I realized that while this endeavor is wildly important; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Kids should be kids, even while I’m scheming to mold them into highly successful adults.

So I did not instill in them an instantaneous hunger for a structured and directed future. But we did have some fun and we are are getting back into a routine which involves chipping away towards that eventual gold vein called vision.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to chapter 2 of “Dad versus Kids.” If you like the content, be sure to subscribe to the channel as I will be doing more with it that won’t neccesarily be shared on social media.

And now it’s time for chapter 3.

My boys are truly wonderful but if I could fix one thing about them with a magic wand, it would be to make them more kind to each other. Especially the older two towards their baby brother. While I dont have a magic wand, I do have a plan. I’m calling this mission, “Operation Kindness.”

Ironically, I am going to attempt to bring them closer together by pitting them against one another. The rules are as follows.

  1. There may be only one winner.
  2. Each brother gets stars for acts of kindness towards another brother.
  3. The winner gets a party. With cake. And presents. And balloons.

In truth, I am routing for a three way win. I hope to engineer this result by encouraging their competitive spirit and forcing them each to go beyond expectations in their pursuit of a special party; but dont tell them this.

My thinking is that I will only achieve success if they believe that they must demolish each other in a battle of loving behaviour. I think the odds are against this outcome but I love an underdog.

Also, I shifted the schedule slightly and will continue to post the challenge video on Saturday instead of Friday.

Again, much love and thanks to you all for reading and following. God bless and goodnight.