Dad, watch this!

Tricks on wheels. The only thrill greater than executing a sweet move on a bike, skateboard or scooter is doing it in front of an adult.

“Mom! Dad! Grandma! Grandpa! Watch this!”

I remember that feeling well, slaving away for hours in the street until I could finally land my first kick flip. I can’t overstate the revelry I experienced when I finally landed it, alone as the sun sank low to west and briefly painted the world in a warm, angelic glow. I immediately sprinted into the house to drag my mom outside so I could demonstrate how amazing her son was. She patiently watched as I spent the next 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to replicate my great feat.

Passing this torch to my kids is possibly my single greatest joy of fatherhood.

Life is all about leveling up and kids on wheels is where this process really begins. Today, my youngest son is pushing the boundaries of his daredevil awesomeness, on a scooter.

He started with the old one leg, kicked up, coast. After that he moved on to a one armed scoot and today he is mastering the crown jewel of tricks on wheels, no hands.

But the cost of greatness isn’t cheap. Along the road to destiny there are many perils. There will be blood.

Like any great champion however, he persevered. It was soon after his brush with pavement that he removed one hand from the handlebars, and then the next. The sidewalk grew silent and for a moment, there was only pure, unfiltered greatness.

Dad, Grandma, Grandpa… we all watched. It was pretty special. I know he can’t wait to show his Mom this evening when she gets home. As for me, I just cant wait to see what he does next.