In celebration of the small life lived largely.

There is greatness in this life and I see it every day. I see it the eyes of the the first time mother, still trying to capture the full scope of the love in her heart. I see it in the dirt underneath the father’s fingernails, having toiled away to provide for his family. I see it in the wrinkles of the grandparent’s smile as they load their grandkids up with candy before sending them home with mom and dad for the night. I see families laughing and fighting and loving. I see families just trying to figure things out. I see greatness.

I see normal people with small lives living largely; and I’m inspired.

To navigate this adventure with the ones we love is the ultimate reward. This is the reason I write this stupid blog; nothing excites me more.

We tend to idolize the rich and famous but why? For examples of excellence we need look no farther than the neighbor beside us.

To the mom who is about to lose her shit in the grocery store; I’ve been there and you are crushing it. To the kid that is running through the restaurant while screaming like a howler monkey; be wild and free. To the dad who still finds the energy to wrestle with his kids after the day should have robbed you of your strength; you are my rock star.

A small life lived largely is the finest of goals. You are all my heroes… much love and God bless.