My kids are my super power.

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, Batman’s insanely rich parents were murdered in front of him and I knocked up my girlfriend when I was 24. Every superhero has a tragic backstory; this is mine.

It was the summer of 2008. I drank a lot of beer but I also drank a lot of whiskey. Looking back, I really feel like I maneuvered through my 20’s well. I experienced all of the necessary debauchery but was then forced into a situation where I had to radically alter my lifestyle, consequently avoiding the self absorbed, lamentations that usually accompany a trajectory such as mine. I found out I was going to be a dad.

Countless baby books, sleepless nights and three kids later, I find myself reflecting upon that pivotal moment. I’m not actually saying that I’m a superhero, the truth is that I mostly fail at things. But there is one thing that being a father has given me; belief.

I believe in my need to accomplish things for my children’s sake. I believe in the partnership that I have with my wife. I believe in beauty and truth and love. I believe in the future.

This is my super power and I believe that I can make a compelling justification for this point.

A superhero is only as interesting as their weakness. This is partly because in order to move a plot, one must have problems and a hero with no problems is a very boring story indeed. More importantly however, we don’t actually love the superhero for their super powers but rather for the humanity with which they overcome adversity. Stories are mirrors and we seek out the most authentically, fantastical reflection possible.

We seek out versions of triumph to which we aspire and we seek out inspiration for the belief required to so triumph.

My kids give me this belief.

Sometimes I draw strength upon my need pass on what wisdom I have while other times I am gifted with what wisdom they possess. In the best of times I believe that I am the luckiest man alive and in the worst of times, my belief is reinforced by a role that gives me purpose or a moment that shows me grace. I have found that fatherhood is a source of great motivation and inspiration. It’s something to believe in.

Raising kids is my Lex Luther. My house, is my Gotham City. This life, with its many plot twists, problems and villains is the perpetual grind but my kids are my superpower. They are the belief which inspires within me the drive to overcome adversity. They are my weakness and my strength.

Being a dad is the purpose from which I derive meaning, it moves my plot. I believe that my kids are my superpower.