The wind on the river

At the bottom of the Bighorn Basin, just North of the Windriver Canyon and near the wedding of the waters lies the town of Thermoplis, Wyoming. It’s one of the many hidden gems in a state where the beauty is rugged and must be earned. Here lives a dad who is a fly fishing guide by day, chef by night and a musician eternally in his soul. Rob Weimann may be Wyoming’s best kept secret, for now.

There is no defining what it is to be a dad but being a dad will ultimately define who you are as a man. I’m proud to call Rob my friend and I have known him since we were kids, just learning how to land our first kick flips. It has been my privilege to watch him evolve into the man he is today since becoming a father to his daughter, Ariel. Fatherhood has defined him in a way that has shaped both his character and his music.

This last year has been a pivotal one for Rob. He placed second overall in the Wyoming Singer Songwriter’s Competition with his song, “Wind on the river.” Check it out in the link below.

Wind on the River – SoundCloud
Listen to Wind on the River by Rob Weimann Music on #SoundCloud

Since then he has been afforded the opportunity to play gigs and receive some well deserved exposure. Certain doors have been opened but this is not a story of success; it is a story of passion.

I am inspired by Rob because he is unabashedly an unapologetically himself. He loves his daughter fiercely and he grinds tirelessly to provide for her yet he has the soul of an artist.

Being a father oftentimes means putting your dreams on hold while you get busy putting in the work to provide for your family. Few men work harder than Rob yet this has not stifled his dreams but rather sharpened them.

Rob is an introspective performer. His particular brand of Americana is obviously inspired by some early to mid nineties artists like Pearl Jam and Soul Coughing while his storytelling weaves a picture borrowed from his experiences on the high desert plains and the Windriver Canyon where he guides fly fishing. It’s a deeply authentic Wyoming experience that few could understand but anyone with a thirst for soulful music will appreciate.

At his best, when Rob performs, he casts a sort of spell over the audience. There is little showmanship to what he does; in fact, his mic work is mostly counter-productive. But when he plays he is able to quietly draw the audience into his own world and then take them on a sort of journey. It’s as if he draws upon his experience as a fly fishing guide or a chef or a father in order to make himself of service to his audience. It is humble yet enrapturing. It is the whimsical personification of the mundane, reinterpreted. It is what good art is supposed to be.

This weekend marks the second year of the conclusion of the Wyoming Singer Songwriters Competition. Rob is there now, in Tensleep, Wyoming, hoping for another chance to wow the audience.

Win or lose, Rob will continue to grind. He will continue to be a great father to his daughter and he will continue to make music that moves us. This is not a story of success but one of passion. Passion is something that Rob has no shortage of. He is the wind on the river.

You can follow Rob at Rob Weimann Music on facebook or Big Bob in the sky on soundcloud.