Pissin in the wind.

Life is that moment of peace on a Monday morning before the kids are up. It’s the burbling coffee pot, audibly intimate and aromatically arousing. Life is also that moment directly after the kids have risen from their slumber only to sabotage your tranquility with cantankerous gripes and spilled orange juice. It’s Cap’n Crunch crunch berries crunched under bare feet and forgotten lunch boxes. It’s the “I love you’s” and the “I hate you’s” and everything in between. We spend so much energy as parents trying to manufacture the “good” moments and fix the “bad” that we tend to forget that life is a much bigger picture than any of these single moments. For all that we do, if we lose sight of this fact, we might as well be pissin in the wind.

Life is the longest thing that you will ever do. Yet it is so damn hard to contextualize this fact when dealing with anything even vaguely problematic. This is because our brains, for all of their millions of years of evolution, are stupid.

The brain has a hard time putting things into perspective. It is evolved to fixate upon resolving the single greatest problem that lies directly in front of it. This is great when that problem is the Saber toothed tiger that’s chasing us through the jungle but a bit of overkill when it’s the toddler that won’t wipe their butt even though they know that you know that they know perfectly well how to do it.

Or maybe it’s a fight that you and your spouse are having. Maybe it’s bills you can’t pay, or that leaking sink, or your boss doesn’t value you, or your friend is suddenly withdrawn and you dont know why. Maybe someone you love is going through something impossible and you are hopelessly unable to help.

Even then, life is so much bigger than that single moment. A strange thing happens when you view your life within the scope of decades rather than days. The problems become less scary and we are able to notice with greater clarity, those fleeting moments of beauty.

I believe that as a parent, it is paramount to come to this understanding sooner than later because even in terms of decades, we dont get much time with our kids. Nothing terrifies me more than the possibility that I might forget to actually live this parenting period of my life because I was too busy being a parent.

Life is whatever you take the time to notice that it is. If you find yourself pissin in the wind, it’s not too late to pay attention and turn around.