Top 10 lessons we should learn from our kids.

Mostly, kids are dumb. It’s not their fault, they haven’t had the opportunity to learn as much as we have. One distinct advantage to that however is that they haven’t had the opportunity to be ruined by this cold, cruel world of ours. So call it wisdom or call it good timing but there are lessons to be learned from this untarnished generation, I truly believe that. Here, in no particular order, is my top 10 list of lessons that we should learn from our kids.

10. Be friendly: Friendliness is an artform easily lost sometime after about the age of 10. At some point in our individual evolution we discover the concept of “cool” and it’s dear friend “aloofness.”

To watch a young child make friends is truly an amazing spectacle. They simply approach other kids and are openly friendly. Making friends as an adult becomes an arduous dance routine of displaying desirable qualities for friendship while simultaneously expressing no need for emotional closeness to another human being, less our basic human desires expose us as something too human for comfort. Whatever happened to, “Hi. Will you be my friend?”

9. Getting dirty is fun: Food, mud, paint. This is just war paint of the truly content. One day we just wake up and are bothered by the smear of whatever across our face. This is the first death of fun.

8. Walk without purpose: Chin up and shoulders back is cool for the man on a mission. I would like to be more of a face down, shoulders bouncing and hips a waggling kind of guy. Walk behind a toddler sometime when time is not an issue and tell me you aren’t jealous.

7. In with the good, out with the bad. Kids are crazy quick to giggle at the slightest hint of something joyous. Conversely, they dont hesitate with the waterworks at the the first sign of physical or emotional pain. This is more of a guy thing but something about the road to “manhood” convinces us that expressing emotion is a sign of weakness. I am this dumbass. Nothing bad will come of just cramming all of your emotions deep down inside like a tightly packed stick of dynamite right?

6. Everything is hilarious: Kids have an annoying tendency to laugh their silly asses off at the dumbest things. Don’t they realize that this is a very serious world with real problems? Oh that’s right; they haven’t been beat down by life yet. As the saying goes; don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff.

5. Usefulness is thrilling: Dad pro tip; give a kid a meaningful job that they can actually perform and they are thrilled. We are evolved to desire being useful to our tribe. This is too easily lost in adulthood where we lose sight of our importance to others. We may sometimes even let ourselves become unimportant. This is easily remedied; find a way to be of service to others. Self help gurus make billions of dollars a year by disseminating this very basic bit of wisdom.

4. Fashion is subjective: I won’t pretend to understand fashion but I know what makes me feel cool and I learned that from my kids. I want a shirt with a superhero on it and pants with lots of secret pockets. Wear what makes you feel good, nothing is more attractive than self confidence.

3. Bugs are amazing. They are basically aliens living amongst us. How is this not still thrilling?

2. Heroes always win. This is a lesson that we learn early on and are then taught that it is a lie. Sometimes the bad guys just get away with it… NONSENSE. This world is only as just as the heroes that protect it. May our children never forget this fact.

  1. Everything is going to be alright. Seriously though… everything is going to be alright. One or two decades of hardship is usually enough to make us forget this truth but the fact remains, it’ll all be ok. Hope need not be a child’s virtue; it’s real and it’s out there. Take a lesson from the kiddos and have faith. Everything is going to be alright.