Happy Birthday to my wife.

Usually, I would be writing a top 10 list right about now but tonight is different. It’s different because tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.

Funny story; she found out today that she could both edit her birth year on facebook and make it private. She did both, knowing full well that the first step was essentially inconsequential, other than to lie silently to facebook itself. Suck it Zuck.

But here’s the thing… why lie at all?

Our culture is dumb. We objectify women on multiple fronts and brainwash them into believing that somehow beauty is only realized somewhere between 18 and 25. Well, please forgive my language but fuck that.

Beauty is truth. It is graceful and powerful and wise. It had been wounded and survived. It has sustained and endured and prevailed. Beauty is strength and tenderness and sacrifice. True beauty don’t take no shit from no one.

My wife is beautiful.

She has given me three wonderful sons. She has given my life purpose and meaning. She has led me closer to God.

She has scars and she is only more beautiful for them. My wife is more radiant today than the moment I met her because I know her truth more intimately. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but in the heart of the beholden. To her, I am forever beholden.

So anyway, happy birthday to the most amazing woman I know. You are wise and you are funny. You are gentle yet I wouldn’t want to piss you off. You are graceful and you are strong. You are beautiful.

I love you.