R.I.P. Serra, 2010 – 10/18/2019

Serra loved to run. She was a rescue dog. We adopted her from the Lander Pet connection about eight years ago after she was found trapped inside of someone’s garage.

As it is with pets, we just sort of knew that she belonged in our family. As it is sometimes with family, she was often a royal pain in our ass.

I must have bailed her out of doggy jail at least a dozen times in our eight years together. If the opportunity for adventure presented itself like say, one of us didnt firmly secure the gate, Serra went running. The one time that she really scared me was when I couldn’t find her and the police said that they hadn’t picked up any dog matching her description. I drove around for hours, screaming her name into the wind like a crazy person. These are the moments you realize the downside to giving your pet an especially human name. Eventually we had to call it a night but we posted her picture with a lost dog post on Facebook. A woman called me the next day, saying that she had my dog. As it turned out, this family for some reason was unable to keep a dog around and the night that they spent with Serra was a treasured experience. Serra loved to run, but the destination I think was always to love. This is how she found her way to us afterall.

Today, we were forced to make that impossible decision to put Serra to sleep. I took her into the vet yesterday for what I figured was some kind of bladder infection, as she was having some difficulty urinating; and we discovered that she in fact had a huge, inoperable tumor that was restricting her bladder functions. It was just this last Sunday that we took all of the dogs on a run up in the canyon and she seemed fine. This, of course, is how quickly life can turn on you.

We are all heartbroken. There is no silver lining except perhaps for this; death puts life into perspective. Saying goodbye to those you love is an unfortunate outcome of living longer than those you love. It’s a real catch 22 and generally, the sad inevitability of the pet/human relationship.

We are thankful for the time we were able to have with Serra. Pain in the ass or not, she brought great joy to our family and she was loved. She is dearly missed. I would like to believe that this is just her final escape, that she is up there in doggy heaven running through tall fields of grass with plenty of delightful smells to roll around in. Somewhere, she is running. Someday, we will run together again.