Shelf Life: episode 9 “enemy at the gates.”

“If you move,” she said. “you die.”

I froze there in my tracks, as still as the inanimate object that until moments before I mistook my angel for. My thoughts were racing as I tried desperately to make sense of the situation. My curiomancy didn’t work on her yet here she was, clearly alive. Some part of my heart, the deep down and foolish part, soared with the thought that the object of my affection was no mere object at all. Then another part of myself, the part with the knife to my throat was simply terrified.

“Who sent you?” She hissed in my ear.

As I didnt have a clear answer for this question, I simply remained silent. I could feel the pressure of the the blade grow heavier against my throat.

“Who do you work for?” She hissed again.

“I’m an elf!” I blurted out, involuntary. “I work for Elf headquarters. I work for Santa!”

“Lies!” She screamed

I could feel a familiar tickle now at the base of my skull and I knew that my uninvited best friend would be coming to my rescue. Right on cue his holographic image appeared beside me.

“What seems to be the problem now, recruit?” He said. He surveyed the situation briefly, realization dawning upon his face as I knew that he was suddenly understanding the severity of my situation. I was both happy at the prospects of being rescued and saddened by the possibility of my angel being thrust into danger.

“Got him.” She said.

Then I felt something strike both sides of my head with a thunderous jolt. Everything went white and I felt as if I had been struck by lightning. Right before I lost consciousness I could see the holographic image of Ned dissapear.

“Bag him and tag him.” She said. “We got what we need.”