Shelf Life: episode 12 “a captive audience”

“Now,” Gloria said. “I’m happy.”

I was utterly horrified. Even though Ned was nothing more than the ticking time bomb in my head; the very thing which had threatened my own life for all of these days… I simply couldn’t compute how she could murder him so casually.

My stomach lurched, triggering an involuntary, chain reaction throughout the entirety of my body. My spine curved in on itself and I was suddenly on my hands and knees, wretching my guts out into the tub below.

So much for pretending to be invisible.

I looked up, gasping for breath and Gloria was staring right into my eyes. Her malice was gone, replaced instead by a kind of stoic, coldness.

“Boys!” She said, snapping her fingers.

Suddenly, two figures waddled into the bathroom, a comical looking snowman with a funny grin and a small fluffy dog.

“Get the elf.” She said.

The snowman and the dog went to work immediately, scaling the tub and climbing up the shelf towards me. I looked down at the waters below where my filth was still swirling and thought about making a jump for it but before I could muster the spirit, they had me in their grip.

I broke free and threw a punch at the dog but the snowman caught my fist and twisted my arm behind my back.

Next thing I knew, they had brought me down to the ground where I was held captive at Gloria’s feet.

She put two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly. A third character floated into the room, a magic, flying carpet.

“This is beginning to get a little ridiculous.” I said. The snowman punched me in the face.

“We’ve got the codes.” She said. “And he’s going to be our way in. Take him to see the big man.”

I could feel that my lip was bleeding on my chin but with my hands still held behind my back, all I could do was try to smile and bleed on the floor.

“Where are you taking me?” I said.

“You’re going to the North Pole.” She said. “The real North Pole.”