The peace between beats.

The peace between beats.

Earlier this week my wife and I had our annual Christmas fight. It’s tradition, as it is for many families I’m sure to bring all of the ancillary stress of the pursuit of the perfect Noel, to an absolute boiling point.

Pick the presents, buy the presents, pray that the presents arrive before Christmas and then wrap the presents. Deck the halls, mount the tree, hang the lights and remember to say Merry Christmas.

Put the elf on the shelf. Move the elf to a different shelf. Forget the elf and then make up a story about why the elf and the tooth fairy both needed to cash in on vacation time before the year’s end.

Spread tidings of good joy, teach your kids the greater meaning of Christmas and smile as though you’re not one jingle bell away from a nervous breakdown.

It’s madness.

So… my wife and I had our annual, Christmas fight. I slept on the couch until the wee hours of the morning when I got too cold and then I slipped into bed. But I showed her; I slept on the edge of the other side, uncomfortably relishing in my ritcheous indignation. Then I woke up, poorly rested and continued the morning, playing the game of “who cares less.”

For about an hour…

Then I called my wife.

“Hey” I said, careful to not sound too needy or judgemental. “Wanna talk?”

As it happened, she did.

I said I was sorry. She said she was sorry. And suddenly…BOOM! It occured to me that this is the true meaning of Christmas. It is a celebration of love and… what is love without forgiveness?

As fresh as it is I do not remember what we were fighting about. Mostly, I think it was about the fact that we hadn’t been taking the time to adequately express our love towards one another. Maybe this is what all marital fights are about.

Tonight my kids, who are constantly fighting; took a break to dance.

“This.” I thought. “Is the truest spirit of Christmas.”

It’s not the presents or the decorations or the contrived sense of cheery disposition. It’s the rhythm of the spirit of the heart of the holiday. It’s the dance between the trouble.

Christmas is a time to remember to forget your own selfishness and just love.

It is the peace between beats.

Merry Christmas