My little hero

This kid of mine…

A capacity for love is perhaps the most underrated strength that we value. This kid of mine, my youngest, is a true hero of love.

It’s a thing that I suppose comes with being the “baby” of a family. There is no one to compete with in his small world, only those to idolize. His spirit, like his heart is unburdened by the inevitable mishaps of experience. This is not to say that he is a thing to be inevitably corrupted but rather a soul to be admired, an example to learn from.

I can’t take out the trash without him insisting to give me a hug and tell me that he loves me. It’s a real pain in the ass, but a damned touching sentiment nonetheless.

He loves his family unconditionally, unabashedly and without the faintest trace of fear. His love is courageous and bold; a quality I believe that we tend to lose track of.

I watch him and I think to myself, “This kid has it all figured out…”

Then he hollers for me to assist him in wiping his butt. He has the big things figured out anyway…

Loving those that you love enough to insist that you tell them so at every turn… that’s a boss move in my book.

With experience comes wisdom but also habit which may be good or bad. I have become habitually desensitized to how insanely blessed that I truly am.

This kid of mine…

He brings me back. He reminds me that the main thing we should aspire towards is to remain fearless in our hearts and to love courageously. His love is boundless. He is my little hero.