Snow Day

I awoke this morning with a certain, eerie alertness; wide eyed and battle ready before the ominous chime of my alarm.

“I know this place well.” I thought to myself, wading carefully into those familiar yet uncertain depths.

I knew that it could be 5 minutes before my alarm or it could be 1:45 in the morning. Experience has taught me that it is always expeditious to simply drift back into those gentle waves of sleep.

And so I did; which is why it was all the more discombobulating for me to finally awake to my alarm, grab my phone and then read that school was canceled because of snow.

“Surely,” I thought. “My mind continues to deceive me…”

“No.” My mind said. “And dont call me Shirley.”

And so, I was faced with a decision. The kids were off of school, several businesses and government buildings were announcing that they would be closed but I had a restaurant to run.

I take my restaurant seriously. I want to create a space that is in tune to both the wants and the needs of my community.

And this is exactly why I took a snow day.

The bottom line isn’t always the bottom line and that, my friends, is the bottom line.

The look on my children’s faces when I explained to them that we were going to have a snow day was truly priceless.

“Yes.” I repeated. “We are going to take the festering turd that is Monday and then magically transform it into a bonus Sunday!

They were suspicious until I told them to don their snow gear. Of course, we had work to do first but even that was light years of enjoyment beyond another Monday morning.

So we shoveled snow and then we shoveled snow. Then we pummeled each other with snow before then shoveling more snow. After that we ate lunch and went sledding in the snow. Because the snow kept falling, we had to shovel more snow and that then turned into another snow fight. What more could one expect from a snow day?

The bottom line isn’t always the bottom line.

I believe that God has a plan for all of us and that those plans each require a lot of work on our part. I also believe that God’s plans for us extend far beyond that what we are able to understand. It’s important to work diligently and to sacrifice and to strive but every once in a great while…

You just got to take a Snow Day.