Dishwasher be damned

On Easter my dishwasher was broken. Specifically, it was the soap dispenser that was the culprit; the damn latchy thingy wouldn’t close. So I did what anyone would do in that situation; I failed repeatedly at trying to close it the same way for about a thousand times before punching it in it’s stupid, soap dispenser face and then slamming the stupid dishwasher door while giving my children an accidental education on the finer points of the English language.

We take for granted the small things that make our lives easier. Conversely, it’s these very luxuries that may enable us to take our lives for granted.

I just wanted a clean kitchen so that I could prepare an amazing meal for my family. So I accepted my dishwasherless fate and I began to wash my dishes by hand. I cranked some music and I scrubbed.

I did it begrudgingly at first but the moment quickly overtook me. It took three coffee cups before I was the star of my own 1980’s, dishwasher themed music video. I went from hip shakes to high kicks to pirouettes before I ever reached the pots and pans.

I was sincerely enjoying myself.

I dried my last dish with a little extra flare, placed it upon the shelf and then gave my drying towel a victorious whip towards the sky. For one glorious and fleeting moment, I was the master of my tiny dishwashing arena. I imagine that it was not unlike winning an olympic gold medal.

After that I prepared a delicious ribeye roast with mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus with mushrooms. If I’m being honest, I outdid myself. Modesty be damned… that dinner was on point.

The thing is; I dont think that the dinner would have been half as good had I washed those dishes in my dishwasher.

Food is like music in that there is an unquantifiable element to the creative process that is intrinsically tied to the authentic entusiasm with which one confronts adversity. Actually, this statement sucks so please allow me to rephrase. A thing done with sincere passion will render uniquely extraordinary results.

What I mean is that by being forced to wash my dishes by hand I put myself in a slower and more thoughtful mindset that informed my cooking in a more deliberate way.

Perhaps the end result of the meal would have been exactly the same but I was a different person on the other end.

This, I think, is the point.

I love my dishwasher because most of the time I simply dont have the time to wash my dishes by hand. With that said, most of the stress in my life comes from arbitrarally deciding what I do and what I dont have time to do.

What I think I need is not necessarily what is in my best interest.

I will undoubtedly fix my dishwasher. It would be sadistic to expect my wife to share the same epiphanic joy that I have found in being forced to wash all the dishes by hand. Still, I embrace what joy I may find in what breaks next.