It’s something like flying a kite.

It’s been a while since I last blogged; what with the pandemic, the revolution and the individual rat race to whatever we are calling the “new normal.”

The truth is… I have been at a loss for words.

What I used to like to do was to go about my day, sharing in the otherwise commonplace horrors that were the American experience and then seek out what beautiful truths that I could extrapolate from my day to day life as a father.

Seeking this truth gave my creative pursuits meaning while sharing it gave them purpose.

Then the world just sort of flipped upside down.

Parenthood, along with every other function of our society was suddenly thrown into chaos. I’d like to say to you that I handled it like a champ; homeschooling like a boss while not losing my shit and still managing to keep the house clean/ eat healthy/ monitor screen time/ encourage individuality while still instilling a deep respect for the connectivity of human society…

Mostly I worked. So did my wife. We yelled quite a bit but we also loved. I’d give us a solid C and be thankful. It could have been worse if not for one singular, saving grace.

My kids kick ass.

Honestly I can’t even take credit for this fact. Perhaps my wife has something to do with it but mostly I suspect that we are just lucky. We had to transition into a new thing, on the fly and they transitioned right along with us. We have been a mostly successful family unit during this time and I feel as though that deserves high marks indeed.

Sunday is still family day.

We reserve this day to simply be together. This Sunday we flew kites and holy shit did I forget how amazing it was to fly a kite!

Flight itself is a thing of magic. Yes I understand the principles behind lift and aerodynamics but to be the guy on the controlling end of the string…

Ignorance is bliss.

We danced like Fae creatures underneath the swelling storm. We tickled the thunder clouds with vibrantly colored flight things and giggled ourselves silly at the miraculous, stupid fun of it all.

We forgot that there was anything that we had to forget.

Isn’t this, afterall the point of it all?

Yes, life is different now. Tomorrow will will be different too. Things are changing at what feels like a break neck pace yet the things that matter most remain the same.

I wasn’t just at a loss for words but at a loss for thoughts. I think now though that I have rediscovered what I think I would like to think. It’s something about the not knowing and how that is ok. It’s random and whimsical and stupid and magnificent.

It’s something like flying a kite.