PAws off my paw patrol

How is this the world that we are living in? Nothing makes sense, each new day is more ridiculous than the last and everyone is so busy being right that ultimately, everyone is wrong. And I’m about to make a spirited defense of Paw Patrol…

As a rule, I avoid discussing things of a political nature because all too often the conversation proves to be a fruitless endeavor, especially on the internet. Also I respect the fact that my opinion is limited by the scope of my own, small perspective. Mostly though, I just find it to be an ugly thing and the world has enough of that already so I would rather shine some light upon something more lovely. But now it seems as though those who come for the things are coming for the things which I find to be lovely.

My four year old adores the show, Paw Patrol. What’s not to love? It’s dogs in trucks saving the day.

Well apparently it’s just one more cog in the systematic, oppression machine that is America.

Come on people…

I won’t say that I was surprised to see that there are those within our news media promoting this absurdity because as I said, each new day seems to be more ridiculous than the last. I sighed as I do when I read such headlines and was then prepared to move on and ignore it when I decided to just read the article instead. What I found was infinitely more nefarious.

Apparently, the argument against a show like Paw Patrol is that it is socially irresponsible to show law enforcement in a positive light because they are in fact nothing more than violent oppressors of the marginalized people of our society.

Nope. This is wrong. Appreciating the fact that my opinion is limited by the scope of my own, small perspective I can tell you this. I like cops. I have cop neighbors and cop friends and cop customers. They are great people. My best friend’s dad was a highway patrolman growing up and I remember sitting around the coffee shop as a kid with my buddy, his dad and the other “hypos”. Those guys were like heroes to me. They still are.

They are heroes to my own kids too and I’m glad they have role models like them to look up to.

There are undoubtedly those who would attempt to dismantle my opinion from the perspective that the whiteness of my skin has clouded my judgment with white privilege. They will say that I need to be woke.

Maybe they’re right. I’m certainly not claiming that there isn’t a problem because the truth is that I don’t know about where I am not. I will tell you that the cops who I know are honorable, hard working, family raising, community protecting, joke telling, fun having decent people. So don’t tell me that cops are evil. This is a stupid, vile, prejudiced thought and I’m sick of hearing people bash those who I look up to and know to be good.

It is lovely to me that my four year old has heroes who are badge wearing pups in trucks. It is lovely to me that my heroes are badge wearing community members who put their lives on the line to protect my community. This shouldn’t be controversial.

While I am at it, let me just also say that I love my country and all the people in it. I dont mind if you disagree with me but don’t tell me that I don’t have the right to disagree with you. My only real job is to do my best to give my kids a wonderful childhood while still preparing them for the world ahead. Part of that means ensuring that the world is still around when they get there.

What we are doing now doesn’t feel like anything other than tearing it apart. I would prefer to only ever discuss what I find to be lovely but if those of us who appreciate the fact that we don’t have all the answers remain silent, will there be anything lovely left?

Paw patrol is a show about puppies in trucks who save the day. I appreciate the fact that it is illustrative of our real world cops and firemen and other emergency personnel who keep the wheels on this ride we call society. Both things are lovely and I am thankful to have them in our world. My kids need heroes and so do we all.