Christmas Eve and the power of believing.

This is the crescendo; that moment in your favorite song before the big key change when your hair stands up and your knees conspire with your toes to beat your lips to the punch line.


There’s magic in this day, bigger than any pandemic. It’s grow your heart three sizes, moon roping, Santa saving, angel wing magic that sizzles in the air around us like peppermint kisses and grandma hugs but there is a catch.

The magic only works if you believe.

Try, if you can to remember what Christmas Eve felt like when you were seven years old. I would lie awake in my bed vibrating steadily like an idling muscle car ready to drag race. What I knew to be true was that some amount of time after my parents went to bed, Santa Clause would magically sneak into my house and fill my stocking with toys and candy. I would ninja my way down the steps, careful of each squeaking board and then hold the door in as I turned the knob so as to not allow the latch to awaken my parents. The lights on the tree stayed on all night on Christmas Eve which would cast a specifically whimsical glow across the living room. My stocking had the nutcracker on it and to this day I can remember how if felt to see what Santa had just brought for me. It was monumentally bigger than the simple recieving of a gift. Some of it, of course was the belief that a mystical man in a red suit had just performed the greatest , conceivable magical trick in the world. Part of it was something that I couldn’t completely understand or articulate.

Mostly, I believe it was magical to simply believe.

We grow resistant to believing in magic as we grow up and I think that is an error of imagination. The experience that my parents crafted for me was the gift and it instilled within me a greater understanding of what love is. Love, like a song cannot be explained but must be felt. To give this gift, curating an experience where those you love may feel your love as powerfully as a song that creeps up inside their belly and sets their hips a wiggling… this is the most potent magic of all.

Today is the stage for when this magic may be performed. There is still time and if ever there was a year in need of a Christmas miracle it’s this one. Sing your love and make them dance.

Believe in the power of believing.


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