Friends and music

I have a theory that the first, genuine human friendship was forged over a musical collaboration. I think two cave people were coworkers. They’d just finished a hard day of mammoth hunting and were reaping the rewards of a full belly around a fire beneath a sea of stars.

One of them sat, transfixed, staring deep into the fire’s soul. They listened to it crackle while the flames danced and sung their smoke song towards the sky where the other one’s attention was captivated by the twinkling enormity of the universe.

A gentle breeze rustled the tree tops around them while a cacophony of nocturnal life droned on in all directions. Their minds had found different paths towards that thin line between nothing and everything where understanding is an abstraction, like remembering tomorrow or forgetting now. Compulsively, the one watching the fire began to tap his recently, devoured mammoth rib against a rock. The fire was whispering a strange, dancing tongue and he wanted desperately to speak back so that he may know the fire’s secrets. He soon fell into rhythm with the flames and his heart grew warm. The one with the skyward gaze was so lost in contemplation that she was unaware of her body moving, dancing to the rhythm of the flames. Her only desire was to know the truth of what lay just beyond edges of the unfathomable.

Her body stood as her toes began to wiggle and the wiggling traveled into her ankles and her knees and her hips and her belly and then filled up her heart to where it almost burst until a breath filled her lungs and a sound escaped her lips. It was a lost sound like a bird born to the sky that finds it’s wind right before the ground. And then it soared.

They drummed and they danced and they sung and they howled at the moon until their bodies collapsed from exhaustion but the melody still tickled their minds while the rhythm still danced in their hearts. They had just written the first song of our people and in doing so forged a bond based upon a hunger they never knew existed.

They fed their souls. They discovered something transcendent; a relationship, not based upon the mutual acquisition of needs but the collaborative aspiration of the beautiful unknown.

Music and friendship, this is what it is to be human. Dance to the fire with your friends, howl at the moon and sing to the stars.

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