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Tonight, in preparation for the first Monday of 2021, we tucked all the kids into bed, promptly at 8 o’clock. They got up for water at 8:10, 8:15 and 8:20. My wife then forgot that they needed to clip their fingernails and that process took 20 minutes. They were back in bed by a quarter to nine when the dogs

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My little hero

This kid of mine… A capacity for love is perhaps the most underrated strength that we value. This kid of mine, my youngest, is a true hero of love. It’s a thing that I suppose comes with being the “baby” of a family. There is no one to compete with in his small world, only those to idolize. His spirit,

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Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my pad; I was trying my best to be the best Christmas dad. The morning, at best was a half dressed disaster, a flurry of last minute things to chase after. The children were giddy and anxious and rotten while plans were unplanned and some gifts were unboughten. Yet somehow we battled,

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The peace between beats.

The peace between beats. Earlier this week my wife and I had our annual Christmas fight. It’s tradition, as it is for many families I’m sure to bring all of the ancillary stress of the pursuit of the perfect Noel, to an absolute boiling point. Pick the presents, buy the presents, pray that the presents arrive before Christmas and then

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Shelf Life: episode 12 “a captive audience”

“Now,” Gloria said. “I’m happy.” I was utterly horrified. Even though Ned was nothing more than the ticking time bomb in my head; the very thing which had threatened my own life for all of these days… I simply couldn’t compute how she could murder him so casually. My stomach lurched, triggering an involuntary, chain reaction throughout the entirety of

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The profound wisdom of a four year old.

Occasionally, from the mouth of a child will escape words that convey ideas that are truly profound and devastatingly beautiful. Usually it’s fart noises or poop jokes but occasionally it’s this other stuff. Earlier today, my youngest son had one such instance. He was hanging with my parents as he does while his mom and I are at work and

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