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The Soggies

When I was a kid, nothing scared me more than the soggies, as in the bad guys from the Captain Crunch commercials. For those of you who missed it, they were pirates made of milk sogged cereal who would forcibly board Captain Crunch’s ship and try to murder him. Or at least that was my take away. I would have

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Smiles are fun to do

I just want my kids to be happy. Don’t we all? Every parent shares this sentiment and I think every parent utters this phrase eventually, “I just want my kids to be happy.” As if happiness was the consolation prize. As if happiness was some microwavable sandwich one could just pick up at the gas station for two bucks. Happiness

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If it’s yellow it’s mellow

Indoor plumbing is the cornerstone of civilization, period. Our sewer line backed up Friday evening and now by Monday morning we have devolved into a pack of savage Neanderthals.  We are unkempt and un-showered. The dishes are winning the battle for the kitchen and I fear the laundry room is already lost. The dogs are avoiding me and I think

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Enjoy it while you can

I can very clearly remember being 10 years old and having the realization that it was the best time of my life. I was at the park with my summer friend T.J., taking a water break atop a hill overlooking the town, just sitting on our bikes in the sun. “Someday soon we are going to be teenagers, T.J.” I told him.

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Zombie Mom

Fart jokes and fist fights. That’s how I describe our life with three young sons. Any 30 minute sample of our day will include some gleeful screaming, some angry screaming, some tearful screaming and at least one reference to butts or poop. it’s an endlessly inappropriate and uncivilized time loop.   I love it, but I am forever a stinky little

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