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Life is like a broken pop tart

Very carefully, I remove the silver package from the box. I tear one end of it to expose the treasure within which I try to retrieve but it is very early in the morning and I am as usual, deprived of sleep. I lose focus, I’m sloppy. When I pull the pop tart from it’s wrapper I accidently break one

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Chasing Grace

If you live long enough, I think you’ll find that life is mostly about losing. We lose friends and we lose family. We lose sight and we lose our way. We lose games and we lose love and we lose passion and we lose courage. But from that loss we find redemption. And through redemption we find grace. This evening

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A Stubborn boy

My middle son is a damned stubborn child. He gets it from his mother of course. Stubbornness though can serve a person well, when tempered with wisdom, and focus and courage. It’s an essential ingredient to greatness; the x-factor that separates the best of us from the rest of us. Left untended however, stubbornness will simply burn a person up from

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Ride or die

One of the unique joys that I’ve found with fatherhood is the ability to relive experiences with a fresh perspective, almost as if it’s a chance to reconnect with my own childhood. My oldest son graduated to a 21 speed mountain bike today and this evening we went on a five mile ride. “I didn’t know you could ride a bike like

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Ninja Space Pirates

There was much deliberation at the Kirkpatrick house this evening, one of the great debates of history really. Who’s cooler, ninjas or pirates? My middle son and myself are on team pirate. My eldest son is on team Ninja and for some reason the three year old decided that he was too. The debate was getting pretty heated when I

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The “aha” moment

I was in an Air Emergency Transport Jet flying above a thunderstorm from Wyoming to Denver. Delirium had nearly set in after being up for over 36 hours and I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the tiny human with all the tubes and wires hanging off of him in the incubator in front of me was my son. This

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