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Ninja Space Pirates

There was much deliberation at the Kirkpatrick house this evening, one of the great debates of history really. Who’s cooler, ninjas or pirates? My middle son and myself are on team pirate. My eldest son is on team Ninja and for some reason the three year old decided that he was too. The debate was getting pretty heated when I

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A legendary summer

Hot dogs sizzle on a grill top breathing a cloud of grease scented smoke into the air. A lawn mower growls in the distance like a steady bass line carrying the melody of children’s gleeful laughter.  The wind rustles the leaves of the trees overhead and birds scatter into the warm glow of the horizon beyond. Summertime, and the livin’s

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Enjoy it while you can

I can very clearly remember being 10 years old and having the realization that it was the best time of my life. I was at the park with my summer friend T.J., taking a water break atop a hill overlooking the town, just sitting on our bikes in the sun. “Someday soon we are going to be teenagers, T.J.” I told him.

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