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That time I dropped the baby…

First time parents… No baby was as stressful for me as my first. I didn’t grow up with younger siblings and so when I became a father I was an absolute rookie. As such, I lived those first few months in a state of perpetual terror that my baby would somehow spontaneously combust if I was not tending to him

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5 ultimate tips for toddler survival

tod°dler: noun. (Smallicus painintheassicus) a tiny, irrational humanoid that is capable of evasive, bipedal maneuvering. Predator. They are known to entice their prey with cuteness before attacking. Do not engage during nap time. The wild human toddler is truly a sight to behold. The ease with which they may transition from gleeful delight to inconsolable misery is a remarkable display

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Independence Day

Clouds of sulfer drift along the street like a dense London Fog. There are pops and whistles and booms all around you and the sky is painted in brilliant flashes of fire streaked glory. Happy birthday America… There is no better place in the world to celebrate the 4th of July than Lander Wyoming. I’m not being hyperbolic about this

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Defeat your doubt

There is much wisdom to be gained from hanging with your kids. They haven’t been forced to conform yet so their minds are free and their spirits are unbroken. Now, this is shakey philosophical territory because on the one hand I firmly believe in the value of being a functional, useful member of society and often times this entails having

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Disclaimer: This blog talks about barf. If you don’t want to read about barf… please stop now. Today I yelled at my oldest son for barfing on the carpet. He began the day at 5 a.m., barfing on the bathroom floor. I had hoped it was an isolated barf, it was not. When I was about his age my own

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Falling for you

This evening, I was watching my kids fail miserably at climbing the cottonwood in our back yard when I found myself saying, “Let me show you boys how to really climb a tree.” I’ve uttered these exact words before but it was over a decade ago. Bush was our president, I wasn’t a dad and it was the 4th of

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