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Shelf Life: episode 12 "a captive audience"

“Now,” Gloria said. “I’m happy.” I was utterly horrified. Even though Ned was nothing more than the ticking time bomb in my head; the very thing which had threatened my own life for all of these days… I simply couldn’t compute how she could murder him so casually. My stomach lurched, triggering an involuntary, chain reaction throughout the entirety of

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Shelf Life: episode 11 "fallen angel"

“Give me the codes.” There was fear in Ned’s beety, digital eyes as he looked from the toaster and then back towards Gloria. Gloria, for her part was unwavering in her confidence. She had this kind of half smile, half snarl. “Even if I gave you the codes,” Ned said. “They wouldn’t do you any good. The only way to

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Shelf Life: episode 8 "rejection"

And that’s when I first laid eyes on Gloria. She was truly an angel. She had ivory skin with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes that shined like the frozen, northern expanse underneath a full moon. I was utterly transfixed, I was stupidly befuddled by this beauty which was nothing more than a simple Christmas ornanment… Such, I suppose, is

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