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Mostly, I am thankful

I drank a beer tonight before I came home from work. It was my third, 13 hour shift in a row. I thanked my employees for another awesome job, wished them goodnight and then I sat on a counter and just drank a beer without really thinking of much at all, except for one thing. I thought about how thankful

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Snow Day

I awoke this morning with a certain, eerie alertness; wide eyed and battle ready before the ominous chime of my alarm. “I know this place well.” I thought to myself, wading carefully into those familiar yet uncertain depths. I knew that it could be 5 minutes before my alarm or it could be 1:45 in the morning. Experience has taught

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Casting for clarity

My dad said something to me once, years ago which has stuck with me ever since. “You’re lucky if you get to grow up.” He said. I think about these words whenever I feel my gratitude for this life flee for the frustration of the moment; when I want to curse the gods for whatever circumstance I may feel has

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