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That time I dropped the baby…

First time parents… No baby was as stressful for me as my first. I didn’t grow up with younger siblings and so when I became a father I was an absolute rookie. As such, I lived those first few months in a state of perpetual terror that my baby would somehow spontaneously combust if I was not tending to him

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5 ultimate tips for toddler survival

tod°dler: noun. (Smallicus painintheassicus) a tiny, irrational humanoid that is capable of evasive, bipedal maneuvering. Predator. They are known to entice their prey with cuteness before attacking. Do not engage during nap time. The wild human toddler is truly a sight to behold. The ease with which they may transition from gleeful delight to inconsolable misery is a remarkable display

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Smells like Tween Spirit

Tonight I learned a new word, tweenager. It means a child who is not yet a teenager but who has already forged a strong connection with the dark side. It is the pupa stage for the great transformation whereupon they will emerge from the tweenage chrysalis on their 13th birthday, spread their angst ridden wings and set forth to be

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Run away and join the circus

Thirty seconds into watching a grown man wearing a bedazzled leotard juggle a coffee table with his feet and my middle son decided that geology wasn’t the path for him, he was destined to join the circus. There is no more finely tuned money trap in existence than the traveling circus. Soda pop, four dollars. Snow cone, six dollars. Inflatable unicorn on

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Brotherly love

My wife is a lady in every sense of the word. She is dignified, she is classy and she is lovely but she is also to the mother to three boys; and they are my boys at that. Brothers have a special bond, one that is often hot and cold but rarely in between. One minute they are trying to

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