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Dishwasher be damned

On Easter my dishwasher was broken. Specifically, it was the soap dispenser that was the culprit; the damn latchy thingy wouldn’t close. So I did what anyone would do in that situation; I failed repeatedly at trying to close it the same way for about a thousand times before punching it in it’s stupid, soap dispenser face and then slamming

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Pissin in the wind.

Life is that moment of peace on a Monday morning before the kids are up. It’s the burbling coffee pot, audibly intimate and aromatically arousing. Life is also that moment directly after the kids have risen from their slumber only to sabotage your tranquility with cantankerous gripes and spilled orange juice. It’s Cap’n Crunch crunch berries crunched under bare feet

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Casting for clarity

My dad said something to me once, years ago which has stuck with me ever since. “You’re lucky if you get to grow up.” He said. I think about these words whenever I feel my gratitude for this life flee for the frustration of the moment; when I want to curse the gods for whatever circumstance I may feel has

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