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It’s something like flying a kite.

It’s been a while since I last blogged; what with the pandemic, the revolution and the individual rat race to whatever we are calling the “new normal.” The truth is… I have been at a loss for words. What I used to like to do was to go about my day, sharing in the otherwise commonplace horrors that were the

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Dishwasher be damned

On Easter my dishwasher was broken. Specifically, it was the soap dispenser that was the culprit; the damn latchy thingy wouldn’t close. So I did what anyone would do in that situation; I failed repeatedly at trying to close it the same way for about a thousand times before punching it in it’s stupid, soap dispenser face and then slamming

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Mostly, I am thankful

I drank a beer tonight before I came home from work. It was my third, 13 hour shift in a row. I thanked my employees for another awesome job, wished them goodnight and then I sat on a counter and just drank a beer without really thinking of much at all, except for one thing. I thought about how thankful

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Our own personal pandemic disease

Tonight, while the world trembled in fear at the prospect of the coronavirus coming to a town near them; my wife and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. An anniversary is not unlike a pandemic disease. It is overhyped for completely arbitrary reasons, we make unwise financial decisions and ultimately, despite fretting to an unhealthy degree about a future that

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American Pie

I’m a 90’s kid who was born in the 80’s and raised on 70’s music by 60’s kids who were born in the 50’s. Baby boomer, gen x, millenial… these words don’t mean much to me. It’s just different parts of the same story, or better yet, different parts of the same song. It’s the soundtrack of my life and

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My little hero

This kid of mine… A capacity for love is perhaps the most underrated strength that we value. This kid of mine, my youngest, is a true hero of love. It’s a thing that I suppose comes with being the “baby” of a family. There is no one to compete with in his small world, only those to idolize. His spirit,

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