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Bittersweet birthday and bye bye to babies

The parenting bubble is so real, it’s scary. Life is all diapers and late night wellness checks and climbing the staircase of healthy child development. Then one day your babies aren’t babies. What is a parent to do in a post-baby existence? Of course the point of parenting is to raise functional adults. And raising young children is an arduous

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Denver the stuffed tiger.

While my wife was pregnant with our middle son, we took a trip to the Denver zoo. Our oldest boy and our only boy at the time was two years old. What I remember from that trip was mostly how hot it was but also that we bought him a gift at the gift shop. It was a stuffed tiger

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A round peg kid in a square hole world.

Some kids are just born for this world, naturally gifted with the necessary attributes required to succeed in society. My oldest son is this way, he checks all the boxes. But then there are those who just aren’t designed to fit the mold. May I introduce my middle son. He’s naturally contrarian and stubborn as hell. I can tell him

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This is the meaning of life.

It starts with a smile, an introduction and a pair of googly eyes. Two hearts beating a little faster than usual and and a shared connection that transcends any interaction you’ve ever had which fills you up inside like a balloon that might just float away into the sunset. It’s real and it’s powerful and while it’s the only thing

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The eternal adventure of now

Wander outside and take a moment to appreciate the power of now. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and feel the coolness of the breeze which carries with it the faintest scent of a rainstorm to the west. Hear the leaves rustle above where the birds are chirping peacefully. Feel your body relax and let your smile

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