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The way back

As I awoke to winter’s first kiss, our gentle landscape, freshly blanketed in the season’s first snowfall; I found myself thinking, “screw this.” I was alone in my room, mourning the windshields that needed scraping and the sidewalks that needed shoveling. I stood there in my bedroom with my nose pressed firmly against the icy glass, a single, sorrowful tear

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My kids are my super power.

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, Batman’s insanely rich parents were murdered in front of him and I knocked up my girlfriend when I was 24. Every superhero has a tragic backstory; this is mine. It was the summer of 2008. I drank a lot of beer but I also drank a lot of whiskey. Looking back, I

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Dad versus kids, operation pump em up

This is the final weekend of summer and so we find ourselves once more upon the edge of the changing of the seasons. Change is good, for life is little more than our ability to adapt to our ever evolving situation but it can also be cumbersome. With change comes new challenges and obstacles and hardships. Change is a battle

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You got to earn that downhill coast.

This week I took my oldest son on a 12 mile bike ride. It was miserably hot and we chose this route on a whim. What he didn’t expect was 6 miles of hill climbing. What I didn’t expect was that he would prove to be such a little badass. He was enthusiastic to start, followed by trepidatious, overwhelmed, exhausted

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What is your summer bucket list?

August is to summer what Sunday is to the weekend. You’re body is technically off work but your mind is already gearing up to hate life and endure the week ahead. If summer was rock and roll; June would be The Rolling Stones, July would be Guns and Roses and August would be Nickleback. If August was an Avenger, it

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This is the meaning of life.

It starts with a smile, an introduction and a pair of googly eyes. Two hearts beating a little faster than usual and and a shared connection that transcends any interaction you’ve ever had which fills you up inside like a balloon that might just float away into the sunset. It’s real and it’s powerful and while it’s the only thing

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