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The wind on the river

At the bottom of the Bighorn Basin, just North of the Windriver Canyon and near the wedding of the waters lies the town of Thermoplis, Wyoming. It’s one of the many hidden gems in a state where the beauty is rugged and must be earned. Here lives a dad who is a fly fishing guide by day, chef by night

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I get by with a little help from my friends.

Tonight I played some music on the roof top deck of Tony’s Pizza with some friends. The sky threatened to storm the whole time, painting a dramatic canvas with bold strokes blue and grey and purple. The crowd was small and quickly vanished when some raindrops began to trickle down leaving only us adventurous musicians who wanted nothing more than

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Thunder Back

For me, music has always been something of a spiritual experience. The listening to and the writing of, the connections made and the emotions shared. It speaks the language of eternity, unencumbered with the notion of death and unafraid of life. It is lizard brain and meta consciousness. From Bach to Bowie, from Willie to Whiz Khalifa, music is transcendent.

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