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Last sunset of summer

Tonight, we drove the sun down across the high desert, vastness that is the lonely stretch of 287 between Lander and Muddy Gap. I watched it drift beyond the the horizon, glazed by California, wildfire like some magnificent ruby in the sky and I realized… this is the last sunset of summer. It was beautifully, poignantly surreal. I was deep

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It’s something like flying a kite.

It’s been a while since I last blogged; what with the pandemic, the revolution and the individual rat race to whatever we are calling the “new normal.” The truth is… I have been at a loss for words. What I used to like to do was to go about my day, sharing in the otherwise commonplace horrors that were the

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Dystopian love story and the last survivor

I cautiously peek over the top of my phone where I am reading the latest news about the Coronavirus outbreak in the states. I see three, red eyed boys with drippy noses and droopy frowns gazing lethargically at the television. They’ve been coughing for hours, like flem fueled war drums marching ruin and despair to my peaceful homeland. My entire

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Snow Day

I awoke this morning with a certain, eerie alertness; wide eyed and battle ready before the ominous chime of my alarm. “I know this place well.” I thought to myself, wading carefully into those familiar yet uncertain depths. I knew that it could be 5 minutes before my alarm or it could be 1:45 in the morning. Experience has taught

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Play with your food

The best chicken nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs… or so I used to think. Tonight, I made the incredibly adult decision of purchasing the non dinosaur shaped, chicken nuggets because they were a dollar cheaper. These are the concessions that we must make as parents. I was however, still burdened by the weight of my decision as I imagined that

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A criminal mastermind…

I was deeply entrenched into the heart of negotiations with my four year old regarding the equitable split of chocolate, orange slices. It was too late in the evening, you see for him to be eating chocolate but I am a grown man, a free man who will eat chocolate orange slices whenever I please. Nevertheless, I was put into

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