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Pissin in the wind.

Life is that moment of peace on a Monday morning before the kids are up. It’s the burbling coffee pot, audibly intimate and aromatically arousing. Life is also that moment directly after the kids have risen from their slumber only to sabotage your tranquility with cantankerous gripes and spilled orange juice. It’s Cap’n Crunch crunch berries crunched under bare feet

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Dad, watch this!

Tricks on wheels. The only thrill greater than executing a sweet move on a bike, skateboard or scooter is doing it in front of an adult. “Mom! Dad! Grandma! Grandpa! Watch this!” I remember that feeling well, slaving away for hours in the street until I could finally land my first kick flip. I can’t overstate the revelry I experienced

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Time to buck up?

If a child falls in the forest and no one is there to feel sorry for them; do they feel any pain? Three boys have taught me that the answer to this question is usually no. This is parenting 101; compliment the kid on their tumble and they will brush it off, give them the panicked boo boo eyes and

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