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Shelf Life: episode 12 “a captive audience”

“Now,” Gloria said. “I’m happy.” I was utterly horrified. Even though Ned was nothing more than the ticking time bomb in my head; the very thing which had threatened my own life for all of these days… I simply couldn’t compute how she could murder him so casually. My stomach lurched, triggering an involuntary, chain reaction throughout the entirety of

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Fur babies

Our first baby stood about two and a half feet tall. She was covered in thick black fur and she had doting brown eyes that begged for nothing in the world other than to be loved. She was a rescue pup and we adopted her just a day or two after the rescue center had her spayed. My wife, who

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Thank Thanos

His lust for power was overwhelming, an all consuming single mindedness that was steadily driving him to the brink of madness. He was a fire that would not die until he had burned everything in his path. The toddler’s reign of terror would not end until he had regained the infinity stones. Recently, my three boys earned the toy level

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