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The look

Yesterday, when my wife picked up our middle son from school, she got “the look” from his teacher. You know “the look.” It’s a bandaid of a smile which does little to hide the emotional battle wounds that the person charged with the care of your little darling has been forced to endure. It’s comfortable like tight, wet denim and

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Dad versus kids, operation pump em up

This is the final weekend of summer and so we find ourselves once more upon the edge of the changing of the seasons. Change is good, for life is little more than our ability to adapt to our ever evolving situation but it can also be cumbersome. With change comes new challenges and obstacles and hardships. Change is a battle

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When is it ok to fight back?

Recently, my middle son told us about an altercation he had at his summer enrichment program where another student slapped him in the face. He was fine and moreover he handled the situation perfectly. He didn’t respond violently but instead told a teacher what happened and the student in question was reprimanded. Case closed. Or is it? I come from

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