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Peanut butter and the end of the world

An extra large jar of peanut butter; that was our breaking point. It was early last week when the gravity of this situation became suddenly and terrifyingly apparent to me. We hadn’t been panic buying because it seemed both irrational and irresponsible. Then I noticed that the stores were looking a bit thin. Then I heard some chatter about the

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The battle at Self checkout.

The other day, I accidentally made direct eye contact with the guy in front of me at self checkout in the grocery store. I was just kind of zoning out while my kids ran a chaotic 30 foot perimeter of destruction around me. As it turns out my zoning out face was perfectly pointed at this random guy in front

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Where the heart is…

I was leaning against the counter of the Pretzle Maker today in the Eastridge mall in Casper Wyoming having a slack jaw stare off with the woman making me two jumbo pretzles. I was dealing with a three year old who was off of his schedule and had spent the last thirty minutes moaning/screaming as we meandered from Target to

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