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5 ultimate tips for toddler survival

tod°dler: noun. (Smallicus painintheassicus) a tiny, irrational humanoid that is capable of evasive, bipedal maneuvering. Predator. They are known to entice their prey with cuteness before attacking. Do not engage during nap time. The wild human toddler is truly a sight to behold. The ease with which they may transition from gleeful delight to inconsolable misery is a remarkable display

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Oreo Heist

It’s not yet dawn but the faintest first rays of the day begin to filter into the toddler’s room. His eyes snap open, alert and hungry. His other senses must wake yet, so he lies completely still, listening to the muted rumble that is the still slumbering household. “Good…” he thinks to himself as a thin smile stretches across his face.

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